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Pro-American Hacker's Attack Threatens to Expose Anonymous


Pro-American Hacker's Attack Threatens to Expose Anonymous
12 March 2012 | 04:56 PM ET | Paul Wagenseil, SecurityNewsDaily Managing

As if things couldn't get any worse for the hacktivists of Anonymous, the
self-described patriotic hacker who calls himself The Jester has struck
another blow.

He claims to have broken into many smartphones belonging to Anonymous
leaders and copied incriminating text messages, emails, address books and
other data - data that he may have already passed on to the authorities.

The Jester's intricate, multilayered attack, which took place over five days
last week, sounds almost too good to be true, and some online commenters
have derided it as a hoax.

But security experts say it's definitely doable, and demonstrates just how
valuable the data housed on iPhones and Android phones can be to hackers and
identity thieves.

"My unofficial and initial thought is that it seems entirely plausible,"
Jonathan Zdziarski, a forensic researcher with Oak Park, Ill.-based Via
Forensics and author of "Hacking and Securing iOS Applications" (O'Reilly
Media, January 2012), told SecurityNewsDaily. "And since most of his targets
are probably jailbroken, I can imagine they'd be lagging behind a couple iOS

"The short answer: possible: yes, likely: yes," said Georgia Weidman, an
Android security researcher with Bulb Security LLC, in an email exchange.
"Impressive: maybe, maybe not."

"I'm inclined to believe he's done what he says he's done," Barrett Brown, a
journalist and unofficial Anonymous spokesman whose own phone was one of the
targets of The Jester's hack, told SecurityNewsDaily. "This is someone who
has spent a great deal of time engaging in 'opposition research' on
Anonymous and associated individuals, and he has a wide network of very
talented contacts, so one would imagine that he'd eventually pull off
something effective."

Many steps, a single goal

For more than a year, The Jester (@th3j35t3r on Twitter) has been a thorn in
Anonymous's side, taunting the movement's organizers even as he attacked
some of the same targets. But his main targets have been English-language
websites that recruit followers for al-Qaida and other militant Islamic
movements, and he has claimed to have developed tools that let him knock
such sites offline single-handedly.

On Friday evening (March 9), The Jester used his blog to detail an
complicated hack against devices running Android as well as Apple's iOS,
which is found on iPhones and iPads.

"At the beginning of this week, just hours before the news of Hector
Monsegur's arrest broke, many of you will have noticed that my Twitter
profile pic changed from the usual 'Jester Mask' to a QR code," The Jester
wrote on his blog Friday. (Monsegur was revealed last Tuesday as "Sabu," a
leader of the Anonymous spinoff group LulzSec who'd been working with the
FBI for the past several months.)

QR codes, as regular SecurityNewsDaily readers know, are a security
nightmare. The two-dimensional barcodes, which pop up in ads and on product
packaging, are meant to whisk your iPhone or other smartphone to a
promotional website. However, they could just as easily take you to a
website loaded with malware aimed at your smartphone.

That's exactly what The Jester says he did.

"Anyone who scanned the QR code using their mobile device was taken to a
jolly little greeting via their device's default browser hosted on some free
webspace," he wrote on his blog. "The greeting featured my original profile
pic and the word 'BOO!' directly below it."

But embedded in that page was hidden code that exploited a known
vulnerability for Apple's Safari and Google's Android and Chrome Web
browsers. (That known vulnerability has supposedly been patched in the
latest versions of iOS and Android, but as both Weidman and Zdziarski
pointed out, many smartphone users either don't or can't update their own

The hidden website code connected to another server, which was running a
network diagnostic tool called Netcat.

"When anyone scanned the original QR code using an iPhone or Android device,
their device would silently make a TCP shell connection back to my remote
server," The Jester wrote. "Like a phone call, if you like."

Next, The Jester said, Netcat checked if Twitter software was installed on
the target phone. If so, the script would check for a linked Twitter
account, then send that account's user name back to The Jester's server.

"As for using QR codes to launch browser-based exploits, Jester's
explanation is correct," Weidman said. "Mobile Safari has to run unsigned
code since Web pages, PDFs, etc., are not all signed by Apple, and if you
couldn't look at webpage on your iPhone, everyone would buy Androids."

Crossing the line?

So far, there's nothing explicitly illegal or even, arguably, unethical
here. The Jester's software has only been listening to see how much
information a social-networking app will give up. Many "proof-of-concept"
hacks developed by security researchers are similar.

The next step is where it gets malicious. The Jester said his script
cross-checked each harvested Twitter user name against a "hit list" of
Twitter accounts associated with Anonymous news sites and chat rooms,
Islamist recruiting sites and WikiLeaks.

"His payload checking Twitter names for the victims he wanted and then only
targeting them is something I find pretty clever," Weidman said. "As for the
privilege escalation and dumping info off the phones, this is pretty
standard in a jailbreak/root or malicious attack. This is common in mobile

Like The Jester himself, many hacktivists associated with Anonymous, LulzSec
and similar groups communicate mainly via Twitter. (The Justice Department
has begun to subpoena Twitter for the real names behind many accounts.)

Two known individuals were also on The Jester's hit list: Barrett Brown and
Rhode Island state Rep. Dan Gordon, whose apparent chumminess with Anonymous
had raised The Jester's ire.

("I had no idea it was something one could scan, much less with their
phone," Brown said of the QR code. "The FBI took my phone last week anyway,
so it wouldn't have mattered if I had.")

"If the prerequisite conditions outlined above were met and the device's
Twitter client WAS associated with an account on the '[hit] list,'' things
got very interesting," The Jester wrote on his blog. "Another script fired
elevating permissions and raping the SMS logs, call logs and phonebooks and
(as long as the user was using the default out of the box email client)
emails stored within."

In other words, if the Twitter user name matched one on The Jester's enemies
list, then a second piece of programming tried to take over the targeted
phone. If it succeeded, it would access archived SMS text messages,
incoming- and outgoing-number logs, archived emails and address
books/contact lists, then send all that data back to The Jester's server.

"Creepy?" The Jester asked rhetorically on his blog. "Only if you are

Good guys vs. bad guys

The Jester wrote on his blog that this "sting" went on for five days, until
another Twitter user noticed the embedded code and asked him about it. But,
he wrote, that was long enough to gather a lot of data.

"Over 1,200 curious netizens scanned the QR code," he wrote. "Of those, over
500 devices reverse-shelled back to the listening server. Of those, a
significant number were on the '[hit]-list' and as such treated as valid

As for the justification for all this, The Jester was very clear.

"EVERYONE else without exception was left totally 'untouched' so to speak,"
he wrote. "This was a proof-of-concept QR-code-based operation against known
bad guys, the same bad guys that leak YOUR information, steal YOUR
[credit-card numbers] and engage in terror plots around the world. I do not
feel sorry for them."

Today (March 12), The Jester posted an encrypted 143-megabyte file
containing all the data he'd extracted to MediaFire, a file-sharing site.

"It's encrypted with my PGP public key," he wrote, referring to a common
encryption standard. "Have fun with that."

In a private communication, SecurityNewsDaily asked The Jester why he'd
encrypted the information rather than post it in regular, plain text.

"I encrypt my [data] dumps as a matter of course because I am not the same
as my detractors who drop personal info all the time," he replied. "The
right people have the plain text dump. It would be highly irresponsible of
me to be dropping anything in the open."

But The Jester wouldn't let on to what he hoped to accomplish by doing this.

"Many folks are trying to analyze and prod at my methods," he told
SecurityNewsDaily. "The truth is they don't know me, can't find me and
speculate as to how I do my thing.

"Everything anyone says (good or bad) is based on assumptions and
conjecture," he added. "That's the way I like it. Nobody has any firm ground
to stand on."

Without knowing what's in the data dump, it's hard to assess how much damage
the information could do to Anonymous, or to the various al-Qaida-affiliated
websites also targeted.

"[It] would depend on who exactly was compromised," Brown said.

Asked whether The Jester's tactics were justified, Brown was equivocal.

"It's certainly justified within the context of this particular engagement,
one in which things get hacked, people get monitored, documents get stolen
and apartments get raided," he said. "I'm certainly a legitimate target for
such things."

Is the FBI listening?

However, as SecurityNewsDaily pointed out to both men, The Jester with this
action has moved beyond attacking Jihadi sites and trying to establish the
identities of Lulzsec members to targeting known U.S. citizens with malware.
Was he worried that doing so might put him in the cross hairs of law

"As far as LEA's [law enforcement authorities] taking an interest in me, we
will have to wait and see," he told SecurityNewsDaily.

Brown doesn't think The Jester needs to worry, as long as he sticks to
attacking perceived enemies of the state.

"I'm not convinced he's upset U.S. law enforcement at all," Brown said.
"You're allowed to break all sorts of laws if you do so in the interests of
national security.

"Like me, that particular congressman [Rep. Dan Gordon, actually a state
representative] is no friend of the national security state," Brown added.
"As such, we're legitimate targets. Remember that this is a country in which
the Justice Department set the Team Themis/Wikileaks affair in motion. If it
weren't such a country, Anonymous wouldn't be necessary."

The Jester doesn't sound too worried that a SWAT team's going to bust down
his door any time soon.

Reminded that Twitter was receiving subpoenas for information on users, he
replied, "There is no identifying information held in my profile, and I
never connect even close to directly. It's a rule of mine."

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Islamism in the News: 02/16/12 -- 03/14/12

Islamist Watch
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Islamist Watch is devoted to unveiling and combating "Lawful Islamists" who exploit our Constitutional freedoms to incrementally and non-violently undermine American and Western values while imposing aspects of Sharia law, creating special rights for Muslims, preventing criticism of Islamists, intimidating moderate Muslims, depriving women and non-Muslims of their civil and Constitutional rights, and creating "no-go" autonomous zones within the United States and other Western countries.

Lawful Islamism is a radical and supremacist interpretation of Islam that seeks to destroy Western society from within -- culturally and politically rather than violently. Methodically and patiently. With words not bullets. Activism not bombs.

The goals of Lawful Islamists and Islamic terrorists are the same. Only their methods differ.

Islamism in the News: 02/16/12 – 03/14/12:


  • "Al-Qaeda Bar Advancing Inside Department of Justice," by J. Christian Adams. PJ Media, March 5, 2012. (Remember the infamous "American Taliban," John Walker Lindh? President Obama has appointed his attorney to the number three position at the Department of Justice.  Before coming to the Justice Department, Tony West and his San Francisco law firm represented some of the most radical Islamic terrorist causes. What could go wrong?)

Law Enforcement

Co-opting Politicians – Chris Christie's Continuing Islamist Problem

  • "The Roots of the Christie-King Border War," Jonathan S. Tobin. Commentary Magazine, March 6, 2012. (Christie and King found themselves lining up with two competing Muslim factions: Christie with extremist groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), who oppose all efforts to investigate homegrown Islamist terror, and King with those Muslims like Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, who have taken the position that American Muslims have a responsibility to root out radicals.)
  • "Chris Christie is Clueless in Claiming He Didn't Know About NYPD Anti-Terror Intel," New York Daily News Editorial, March 7, 2012. (Meanwhile, everyone else in New Jersey state government did.)
  • For background on Chris Christie's disturbing ties to New Jersey's Islamists, including appointing a terrorist-defending Islamist attorney to a Superior Court judgeship, preventing the deportation of an imam who was a member of both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, refusing to take a stand against the ground zero mosque, and endorsement by CAIR, see:
  • "Governor Christie's Dirty Islamist Ties," Daniel Greenfield. Sultan Knish, January 16, 2011.
  • "Chris Christie Has a Muslim Problem," Terry A. Hurlbut. Conservative News and Views, June 28, 2011.

Courts: Sharia vs. the First Amendment in Pennsylvania

  • "The Sharia Court of Pennsylvania," by Andrew C. McCarthy. National Review, February 24, 2012. (A state judge in Pennsylvania has dismissed an assault and harrassment case against a Muslim defendant who admitted attacking the victim. Magistrate Judge Mark Martin ruled that Talag Elbayomy's Sharia defense — what he claimed was his obligation to strike out against any insult against the prophet Mohammed — trumped the First Amendment free speech rights of the victim. Includes an extensive court transcript. Martin has threatened to hold the victim in contempt for recording the proceeding.)
  • "Pennsylvania Judge Throws Out Charge For Harassing Atheist While Calling The Victim A Doofus," by Jonathan Turley. Res Ipsa Loquitur, February 24, 2012. (Includes video of the assault. The First Amendment protects the freedom of speech of all American, even "doofuses."

American Laws for American Courts

  • "Bizarre Verdicts Could Fuel Rep. Larry Metz's Anti-Sharia Bill," Kenric Ward. Sunshine State News, February 28, 2012. (Florida's "anti-Sharia" legislation received some added impetus last week when a Pennsylvania court bowed to Islamic sensibilities and acquitted a Muslim defendant of assault.)
  • "The Necessity of Anti-Sharia Laws," Robert Spencer. American Thinker, March 13, 2012. ("As Thomas Jefferson said, it doesn't matter whether my neighbor believes in one god or seventeen; it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.  It is only when my neighbor believes that his god commands him to pick my pocket or break my leg that his beliefs become a matter of concern for those who do not share them.")

Women's Rights

Media Bias and Free Speech

  • "Will There Always Be an England?" Bruce Bawer. FrontPage Magazine, March 7, 2012. (The Director-General of the BBC admits to double standards and fears when it comes to covering religion. In 2010, the BBC claimed  a weekly global audience of 241 million people for its international news services.)

Free Speech

  • "Free Speech vs. Islamists: Why the West is Losing. A Steady Retreat Worldwide," by Adam Turner. PJ Media, March 12, 2012. (Back in 1989, most in the Western world were shocked by the threat against Salman Rushdie, and after some hemming and hawing eventually came out in support of his right to say what he wanted to say about his own, lapsed religion. Today when Islamists threaten free speech, Western intellectual elites actually join in the effort.)
  • "Gainsborough [England] Man Jailed Over Anti-Islam Images In His Flat Window," Gainsborough Target (UK), March 9, 2012. (Sometimes speech is unpopular, but should people be sent to jail over it? In England, as in Europe, people can literally go to jail for what they say if some prosecutor decides that some group finds it offensive. These cases are subjective and selectively prosecuted. In the US, the First Amendment provides absolute protection for the free exercise of expression, unless it's ethnic intimidation in the context of specific threats against specific individuals. Islamist groups such as CAIR want to bring Europe's laws against free speech to the US. And they want to be the ones to decide what's offensive and who goes to jail.) 
  • "U.K. Thought Police Send Man to Prison," Bruce Bawer. FrontPage Magazine, March 14, 2012. (Analysis of the Gainsborough case. Notes a "chillingly Orwellian understanding of the concept of freedom, which has its roots not in Magna Carta or the Enlightenment but in Sharia.  When [prosecutors] say that it is 'essential that everyone in our community is free to live without harassment,' [they] mean nothing more or less than this: that it is the right of Muslims in Britain to live in a society free of criticism of their religion."

Moderate Muslims Defend NYPD

  • "Muslims at Rally: NYPD Surveillance Keeps Us Safe," Associated Press via Fox News, March 5, 2012. (Rally organizers say the danger is clearly coming from within the Muslim community and that it's up to other Muslims to help law enforcement stop the threat. They said Muslims do not want to give up civil rights and are behind transparency in police work, but it is wrong to suggest that all Muslims are somehow afraid of the NYPD.)
  • "Muslim Journalist Defends Surveillance by NYPD, Says Some Muslims 'Use Religion as Cover,'" Catherine Herridge. Fox News, March 13, 2012. ("We're saying that you can't go into our mosques, you can't look at our Muslim organizations, you can't even look at Muslims because that's to target us," she told Fox News. "But the truth is, we do have a problem in our Muslim community." Hat Tip: Innavich.)

Hamas-Linked CAIR


Islamist Watch maintains an extensive database of news articles concerning Islamism. The above links are a small sample. For a complete list of articles by date, please click here. Also, please click here for a listing of "creeping dhimmitude" articles by topic (see box at right of page).

The Lawful Islamist "is the polite collector you pay in the hope that the leg-breaker won't be next at your doorstep. And even as he sneers in his nice suit at the leg-breaker's crudity, you somehow know all your money is going to the same place." -- Andrew C. McCarthy, The Grand Jihad, p.14

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UNPRECEDENTED! Marines forced to disarm in combat zone over fear for Leon Panetta’s ‘safety’

New post on Bare Naked Islam

UNPRECEDENTED! Marines forced to disarm in combat zone over fear for Leon Panetta's 'safety'

by barenakedislam

"Hey, Leon, don't ever turn your back on those Marine killing machines"

In a highly unusual move, around 200 U.S. Marines were asked to leave their weapons outside the tent where U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was set to speak during his trip to Afghanistan on Wednesday.

MSNBC (H/T Joel M)  Although the military said the order was not given in response to Sunday's shooting of 16 Afghan civilians allegedly by an American soldier, it possibly underlined how high tensions were running after the incident.

Maj. Gen. Mark Gurganus  said he had given the order because the two dozen Afghan soldiers also there were unarmed and he did not want to treat them differently. (CRAP)

According to reporters at Camp Leatherneck, the Marines were waiting to hear Panetta's speech when they were abruptly told by their commander to get up, leave their weapons, including M16 and M-4 automatic rifles and 9 mm pistols, outside and return unarmed.

"All I know is I was told to get the weapons out," Sergeant Major Brandon Hall told The New York Times. Asked why, he replied, "Somebody got itchy, that's all I've got to say. Somebody got itchy; we just adjust."

Military officials in Washington told NBC News' chief Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski that the decision to disarm the Marines was indeed significant. "It sends the wrong message" that Marines can't be trusted in the presence of the secretary of defense," one told him. Miklaszewski also told NBC's Chuck Todd Wednesday that the move was "highly unusual" and that Marines in combat zones are always supposed to have weapons within their reach.

Marines, posted with vodpod


barenakedislam | March 14, 2012 at 1:52 pm | Categories: Military stories | URL:

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Re: Three Ways To Cope with the Coming Plague of Obama Bumper Stickers

Obama presidency triggered a 755% increase in number of Far right
according to who? The jews at the splc?
to them a far right extremist is anybody that is a white, black, anti-
gay or xian.
it's telling that they don't include any group that is hispanic,
jewish, or asian.

btw - the US government does not track hate groups

On Mar 13, 7:32 pm, Jope <> wrote:
> On Mar 13, 6:51 pm, Travis <> wrote:
> >
> > ****
> > ** **
> > *Three Ways To Cope with the Coming Plague of Obama Bumper Stickers*
> > Posted By *Belladonna Rogers* On March 13, 2012 ****
> > Dear Belladonna Rogers,****
> > I'm a 77-year-old conservative grandmother living, for family reasons, in a
> > very blue state. It's only March and already the Obama 2012 bumper stickers
> > are everywhere. The parking lots are filled with them. They're irksome,
> > especially when combined on the same bumper, with the 2008 version. It
> > appears that the driver has learned exactly nothing in the past four years.*
> > ***
> > Is there anything I can do that will avoid direct confrontation, won't get
> > me in trouble with the law, but that that will satisfy my urge to
> > communicate my disagreement with the Obama-supporting owners of these cars?*
> > ***
> > Frustrated Near 'Frisco****
> > Dear Frustrated,****
> > Yes, yes, and yes!****
> > Placing an anti-Obama bumper sticker on top of a pro-Obama bumper sticker
> > is tampering with property, also known as criminal mischief. This can be a
> > felony or a misdemeanor. You don't want to go there, tempting as it
> > certainly is.****
> > What you *may* do that's perfectly legal is what many pizza chains and
> > other businesses do in parking lots: gently lift the windshield wiper and
> > place a written message to the driver where he or she cannot avoid seeing
> > it.****
> > I have three suggestions:****
> > It's devilishly simple.****
> > You type two sentences and print out as many as you like. Keep them in your
> > car at all times. Here's a little inspiration:****
> > *Dear Friend:*****
> > *Some unknown socialist put an Obama bumper sticker on your car. I'm
> > letting you know so that you can remove it before it causes you any further
> > embarrassment.*****
> > That's it. Simple, friendly, concerned, considerate. What's not to like?****
> > It's also guaranteed to be very annoying.****
> > Happily, your choices are many and, while not inexpensive, if some of your
> > like-minded friends chip in, it might be worthwhile to spend some money for
> > such upbeat messages as:****
> > [image: Description: Description:]<>
> > [1]
> > <>[image:
> > Description: Description:]<>
> > [2]****
> > <>[image:
> > Description: Description:]<>
> > [3]****
> > [image: Description: Description:]<>
> > [4]****
> > [image: Description: Description:]<>
> > [5]****
> > [image: Description: Description:]<>
> > [6]
> > <>****
> > The bumper stickers come in packs of 50 for
> > $190<>
> > [7] ($3.80 each), or bought singly cost $5 each. If you were to park your
> > (un-bumper-stickered) car and watch what the pro-Obama drivers do after
> > noticing your kind gift, my prediction is that you'd observe them throwing
> > your valuable bumper sticker on the ground. Littering! As soon as they
> > drive away, retrieve your abandoned bumper sticker and place it on the
> > windshield of the next pro-Obama car you see.****
> > After all, an anti-Obama bumper sticker is a terrible thing to waste.****
> > Given your age and desire to avoid direct confrontation, I'd recommend
> > being as subtle as possible as you go about your activities. Perhaps you
> > have a big, strong young male family member or friend who feels as strongly
> > about Obama as you do who'd like to spend some quality time with you.****
> > If you'd like to spend less than the prices noted above, I suggest the
> > following third option:****
> > In the immortal words of New Orleans chef, restaurateur, and
> > entrepreneur Emeril
> > Lagasse <> [8], a
> > letter such as the one below is guaranteed to* kick it up a notch.* A note
> > of caution: the first option takes only a few seconds to read. The one
> > below will do more to express your thoughts, but it runs the risk of not
> > being read in entirety by an avowed Obamaphile. That said, here's an
> > example of how you could purvey a generous piece of your mind.****
> > *Dear Fellow Citizen:*****
> > *I note with stunned incredulity that the rear bumper of your vehicle is
> > festooned with both an Obama 2008 **and** an Obama 2012 one. This is
> > troubling indeed. It suggests to your fellow citizens that you've spent the
> > last three years in the sort of place Vice President Cheney was said to
> > have inhabited during the George W. Bush years: a secure, undisclosed
> > location — but unlike Mr. Cheney, however, without access to news from the
> > outside world. *****
> > *If, on the other hand, you've been living openly and freely, I must
> > inquire whether you've noticed the lack of respect for the U.S.
> > Constitution by the president and the Department of Justice, with "Attorney
> > General" Eric Holder's refusal to prosecute such blatant law-breakers as the
> > New Black Panther
> > Party<>
> > [9] and ACORN<>
> > [10]? Does the phrase "Fast and
> > Furious<>
> > [11]" mean nothing to you?*****
> > *Have you noted without dismay the president's hare-brained,
> > anti-capitalist and un-American belief
> > <>
> > [12]that those who work hard and have actually dared to earn a handsome
> > income be penalized and have their hard-won wealth "re-distributed" to
> > others?*****
> > *Have you not watched in horror as the unemployment rate has soared
> > perilously close to 9% among your fellow citizens?*****
> > *Are you not outraged by every single element of ObamaCare and the fact
> > that a growing number of physicians in fields such as cardiology are
> > considering becoming "life coaches" to their patients because the tests
> > they routinely order to monitor their health will be over-ridden by
> > computerized regulations, and, indeed, forbidden entirely by green
> > eye-shaded federal government employees who've never seen the inside of a
> > medical school classroom? Or by social engineers or clueless politicians
> > such as Kathleen
> > Sebelius<>
> > [13], secretary of Health and "Human Services"?*****
> > *Are you not horrified that your country is now more than $14 trillion in
> > debt <> [14]? Does this not concern you if you
> > have children or grandchildren, or even if you don't?*****
> > *Can you honestly say that none of these outrages causes you to reconsider
> > your original, ill-founded enthusiasm for Barack Obama?*****
> > *If you're as pro-Obama in 2012 as you were in 2008, you can be only one of
> > two things: (1) a Democratic loyalist who gives not a moment's thought to
> > the actual positions and hazardous consequences of voting like a lemming,
> > or (2) a blinkered, clueless cave-dweller cut off from all news of the
> > United States and the world for the past four years. If that's the case, I
> > urge you to read news analysis on <> [15] during
> > that period to see exactly what you've missed.*****
> > *Just how much drek can you allow yourself to ignore?*****
> > *Finally, I suggest you buy yourself a giant sized **GOO
> > GONE*,<>
> > [16]* a liquid that comes in a spray can. Apply it to your bumper stickers.
> > Scrape with all your might until you've succeeded in removing that
> > embarrassing pair from your rear bumper. Once they're gone, you can drive
> > with your head held high because, at long last, you'll have come face to
> > face with the harsh, cold breath of reality and will have understood the
> > perilous error of your ways.*****
> > *Sincerely,*****
> > *A concerned fellow citizen*****
> > *IT'S YOUR CHOICE*****
> > There you have them: three distinct approaches, any one of which should
> > help cope with some of the frustration you feel, and may even shed a little
> > light of reality on your state's Obama-besotted residents.****
> > When the unremitting uniformity of their political views gets you down,
> > return to this webpage and feast your eyes on the artistic creations below,
> > brought to you by our distinguished colleagues at *MAD* magazine, one of
> > the most reliably great magazines of the 20th and 21st centuries, the
> > obvious fountainhead of *The
> > Onion<,6439/>
> > [17]*:****
> > [image: Description: Description:]<>
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> > [20]*. **All correspondence with her is confidential, and all names,
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> > [7] come in packs of 50 for $190: ******
> > [8] Emeril Lagasse: ****
> > **
> > [9] the New Black Panther Party: *
> > *****
> > [10] ACORN: *
> > *****
> > [11] Fast and Furious: *
> > *****
> > [12] hare-brained, anti-capitalist and un-American belief : *
> > *****
> > [13] Kathleen Sebelius: *
> > *****
> > [14] $14 trillion in debt: ******
> > [15] ******
> > [16] *GOO GONE*,: ******
> > [17] The Onion: *,64...
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>  Obama presidency triggered a 755% increase in number of Far right
> extremists.

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**JP** Daily Quran and Hadith

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****People oppose things because they are ignorant of them****

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Re: Take Action: Sign the petition to change the rating of the documentary "Bully" to PG-13

Anyone care to guess who runs the MPAA that handed out the rating?
Hint:  Chis Dodd

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Guinness' Brilliant St. Patrick's Day Commercial

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Secret Armies: An Exclusive Look At 10 Secret U.S. Forces

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8 Insulting Ways People Act 'Irish' on St. Patrick's Day

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Re: Digest for - 25 Messages in 19 Topics

Modern Dimensions Of Islam

 "It is good thing to have two ways of looking at the subject and to admit that there are two ways of looking at it "James C. Maxwell

Protect women , children , elders , worship places , faiths of all even during the war" Al Quran

No comments on faiths/religions of others " Prophet Muhammad PBUH

"State must have a religion but controlled by the state " Napoleon

Get the facts first then twist them as you like. – Napoleon

History is fable agreed by historian. – Napoleon 

"Consider what is said don't bother who said it" Hazrat Ali PBUH

Islam is protection of human rights of huminity without consider , faith , color , race and area . UNO Charte accepted by 149 nations is last address by prophet PBUH. Quran has addressed all creatures and it is a book including all Divine books based religions doctrine. Non of 66 so called Islamic countries have tried to explain Law of Sharia in practical sense of modern environments thus generation huge mis-conceptions. Let us take judicial notice on Sharia clearing mis conceptions . Discussion with Victor , Do we have Islam any where ? and many other comments are on the record.

Aim of  my comment is based on humanity trying to reduce corruption by kiling and terrorism based on existing laws not mentioning any changes. Social Security in Islam is 2.5 % and Usher or Jizia is 10 %  but no or no usher is implemented. Most of countries have taxes 30 % but Paksistan is charging 60 % . Social security fraud only on Sunni Muslims they also submit certificates to avoid it and baitulmall collection reaching to deserving person is 2% if you are lucky to be part of some party. Being Chairman of  such Security system since a decade , I was paid $ 72 per year for stationary , visits to banks , District offices and even they audited it many times. Being miser of higest order on this money I spent $ 200 out of my pocket . My wife turned up and asked $ 400 for distribution among widows who were getting nothing so share equal one widow supposed to be paid to me was distributed among three , fuuny $ 6 being distributed. Flood victims , poors beggers got these $ 70. I had to keep this money after being audited ,spent on papers distributed $ 1300 out of $ 72. I had not received any money since last 5 years though $ 100 were kept in account to pay cost of cheque books etc out of spent money. Audit objection came you trasfer this all ammount to us. " You had eaten $ 4 billion share of poor , how the hell can you ask such a non sense . A secret charman was nominated to eat away all  the money of 3 years.

What is object on the Shariat Law having nothinng against anyone ? Does any law allowes , 1200 % corruption , eating 1300 out of Rs 100 , does any law allows pay increase of 2100 % for persons parliament , 100 to 700 % for killers , terorist and corrupt officla , 50 % for the nation any minus 30 % for pensiners. Does any law allows using money of civilian for 15 years retirng at age 60 before giving them half commuted pension , Using money of retired forces persons for 35 years calling it age 75 years. Does age has anything to do with use of communted money. Does any law allows drugmafia and landmafia to public for additional money. Income of  Pakistan is $ 8 billions reaching just $ 1 billion , we have outlaws killers 25 % share by Revenue department with corruption of $ 1.9 trillions , hired killer police , courts , lawyers Wapda , gas , Railway, PIA ,customs excise , FBR , banks looting away $ 7 Billions and givng 60 % to politicians , Public looting on Electric , gas , telephone , patrol and other is $ 45 billions coming $  13 billion , same rule giving 80 % commission to politicians . We get % 14 billions , Corruption House gets $ 7 biilion $ 14 billion is other corruption , they kick the ass of courts , they destroy laws , they kill public for additional corruption $ 3 billion. Huge army of ministers , advisors , others 9886 criminals drug mafia land mafia , outlaws , terrorists are given $ 3.5 billion , so called opposition though patner in corruption get $ 3.5 billions , there are others forces getting $ 2.5 billions , public kiler & death sellers Liars /devils and so called courts kicking and fucking anyone not terrorist dealing with useless side issues get $ 2.5 billion , press & media yellow part is vital to  digest corruption , they get $ 1.5 billions Our comment was to reduce terrorism for global peace. Please tell us what is bothering you. Why false statement ?        

Any questions ? Just raise the hand , Sony would pick up your question


Another Alexander The Great

"The only son to be born in 8 houses of 8th genration Governor Oadh Baat Khan later Habit Khan owner of 7th treasure has to be another Alexander" , Mid Wife Nadra w/o Ghulam Hassan could not understood message of King Zaman s/oGhulam Hassan when joke of King's highest class 5th was narrated to her.

Alexander born in 356 died in 323 , the teacher taught. " Died so many years before he was born" , Zaman muttered . Prince Aziz ( 6 Aziz with 6 fathers ) s/o King Zaman might answer which of his adopted dead as father has asked such a question : Zaman Lohar husband of Phlian ( Aziz 's mother is also Philan out of 6 adopted)  , Zaman s/o M Hassan adopted in 2006 ( Shah Wali s/o Shabaz) , Zaman Ali s/o M Ali grang father of Aziz , etc

Teacher had been teaching the same since a decade but no one ever dared to ask such a question. He had to reply if student was son of G Hassan.

" My lovable kids , crule kings died before their birth in ancient times" , Teacher satisfied Zaman

" But we have killed / disposed few in 1948 to return the good jesture of my 2 sons enrolled in Army even being ppotters not allowed unless attested by Numberdar. We had been serving the Queen ( Zebun, Mazur & Makhni 3 daughter of King). Nadra declared NA born on 13/4/1951 as a girl and vanished , other mid wife Lalan mother of Riaz later declared that boy was born. Lalian would be killed within a week if Thugs & killer read this blog.

Birth of Shapur King of Iran

G. Muhammad the only English expert was very famous leader of weaver leader is called Sirdar . Grand father of king was Sir Dar , father in law of king's sister Norian was Sir Fraz w/o M Hassan brother of Nur Hassan s/o Sir Fraz and 2rd sister  M Bi w/o Shah Sowar s/o Sir Andaz ,3rd sister Sahib Jee w/o G. Mummad ; all wives of men equal to age of their father had royal touch Shah ( King) Sirdar ( Tribal Chief) , oldmen were not trapped they gifted lands to their sons. Queen: 3Princes were launched were launched in same houses. Manzur Begum , neice Sirdar Begum & Fazlian were daughter in laws of Sahib Jee , MakhiBegm was launched to kick out Nurm Nabi d/o Nur Alam grand daughter of Sir Fraz 1st wife of Ghani s/o Shah Sowar and his son now Shapur . They had also royal name Afsar ( Oficers are called Sahib or Afsar). Afsar was killed in 1951 and his wife Arshadd/o Shah Sowar  and daughter Hamida were with M Bibi. with agricultural land and all income of over 20 year army service of Afsar, akbar also army husband of Fazlan had died in 1937. Any one with money dies like this everything cooming to Thug gang of king and Revenue , police and liars/devils called courts share the booty. Killing record of over 13 is actually 60. Third Princes was launched as daughter in law of Amir s/o M Ali  ( Amir is title for commander of troops) , Walyat ( great place for money foreign service ) husband of Zebun is master mind Thug and killer.

GM weavier had wife Sardar Begum so he must be accepted as Sardar ( chief of weaiver) . He had also got his enrolled in Army  so he accepted the demand of queen to make new kid as Shahpur. King of Iran was throwned 6 months earlier to his birth by putting the Crown on the belly of his mother. New kid N A ( not availble) born on 13/4/1951 was to be registered within 10 days so he was registered on 23/4/1951 to be born 6 month after 13/9/1951 as M N ( Murdered N). Kid was saved in 5 innovative killing method like frowed to death posing as jennies , throwing from heigh on stones. Bloodhound of Prince Aziz specially born after killing Aziz s/o Iman along with 4 in 1948 was prince. He is 5 year elder to neice Zubeda , equal in age of nephew Zar and few years elder to Arbi son of Zebun. 3 were rapping the girls as a teamwhen pregncy charges were paid by my father Sardar Ghani tribal leader and he was killed on 10/2/1987.          

Hunting & Politics:  Equal Supports

"It is good thing to have two ways of looking at the subject and to admit that there are two ways of looking at it "James C. Maxwell

"Peter take over controls , I would have a cup of coffi , bit of love to airhostess and then , I would sleep" Pilot's conversation of heard in the aeroplane ,the sound system was left on by mistake. The airhostess ran from back of the plane to switch of the system and struck against an senior citizen. " Ms , no hurry , he would 1st take a cup of coffee" , Citizen said " Compliments to humourous writer Colonel M. Khan

" Mr. P listen to me" , Nic my friend was calling some one . I kept on walking because I had never been Mr. P

I had been , Dr., Sufi, Nazeer, Professor, Chaudhry, Tony Director my own CIA, General Macarthur Commanding NATO Forces , Mac President TPI Inc. with 8 caps on my head . I might had been Prince as decendent of ex Governor Oadh Malik Bat Khan later Habit Khan 9 generation earlier but no one knew about 7th treasure till that time when my friend was calling some one. " He is calling you" , Sony came to stop me. We had taken oneweek leave to enjoy free flying on helicopter scanning all most all area of Indus Civilization.

"Are you not Mr. P , simple person,  why you were not listening to me." , Nic  said

Sonia VP Crook Dog Crakers Inc voluntered to explain. Excellencies flying in helicopters : VVIP are like hunting dogs and both get a straight bullet in their heads the moment they bark. VIPs Minsters and advisors are just like Bullterors ; the fighting dogs very costly in feed though the run away when left for fighting , the useless lot. Ips are very cunning shroude and clever bureaucrates , officials like German Sheferds trained on specific hunts. Lower staff has multiple usage OSD s like street dogs just Ms/Mr P ."

" I hope being operational engineer for two provinces and getting a chance of areial huntting you had to be told simple and clear that you remain as Mr. P" , Julia thanked Nic on my behalf.

Before going for hunting we have a political support in new fashion for new comers

Updated Solution of All Problems-1

It is criminal to steal a purse, daring to steal a fortune, a mark of greatness to steal a crown. The blame diminishes as the guilt increases.  Friedrich Schiller

The first major problem set serial 1 to 15 is corruption, corruption and corruption. The moderation may be used on criticism but we must start an accountibility at all level and we must try to reduce our non development expences.

Eva : Black and Yellow , stop embracing , shake hands and box

Jena VP M Ali Free Boxing Punches Inc. is join us from Venzevela sponsoring Nura Boxing in South Asia

Black Corner :Killer of BB : $ 25m , Rs 7 T each , Crown stelers ; DBA Double Bad All , DRM Double Ruing All , RPA Regional Priates Associates, 128 mosad & FBI under chief Amy VP A B Ch. Inc ( Ali Baba Chales Chor) Polluted Pirates Pehinda Puhlewan 10 agents total $ 1.63 t & Rs 260 T purchased country at $ 25 m & 7% votes purchased at Rs 5 b out of $ 82 billions IPP corruption , ,

Yellow Corner : Fortune Stealers Paka Mukmuka Nura Lance Corruption over 473 is $ 9  

Well done Yellow , Black is the Winner 

Eva : Welcome Vena Malik invited as Chief guest to award Oscar to Double Bad All for destruction of judicial system. Consitution deestroyers have already been awarded to killers

Zona : Ema VP Hitlers Back Bullets Inc is joing us from Franfurt to sponsor Nura Khusti in South Asia . Killer of 30000 the outlaws and public killers Board of Revenue , NRB , Revenue , hired killer police 8883 NRO Terrorists  Rs 200 Trillion are sponsors


Red Corner : Purse stealers Mush & Pirates Money Landers Quails 25 criminal $0.7 trillion,

Gren Corner : Murders Quick Money under chief with 50,000 Raw agents , 15 terorist corruption $ 0.47 trillion , Board of Revenue , NRB , Revenue , hired killer police Corruption Rs 200 Trillion , Quails fortune seekers

Ema , Weldone red , the Green is Winner , Rema would be joining to give Oscar to greens 

 This criticism based on facts and research of 50 years is for protection of humen rights though taken as open war against corruption network giving back over 30 killing attacksthe .Criticism is the greatest tool to achieve many objectives though not liked by many. Avoid this tool for kids , they repeat what they observe. If you want to improve yourself , you must invite criticism from neutral unkhown persons such as persons spending sometime during traveling or other such activities. The criticism by friends might be their concrn for you as your wife might criticise just getting attention may not be meaning anything. Enemies use this affective tool to achieve certain negative objectives. Pakistan has great potential for investments in alternative energy and many other fields .We must join toghter to offer protection of investors interest and protection of global trading routes. Law & Consitution  have to be clealy defined .  Pakistani Working outside Pakistan have made greatest contributions . My highest compliments to them. Our embassies have played zero role as I observed as researcher and journalist.Supreme is one and only one authority law giver the creator and supreme are laws of Sharia , UN Charter same as last Khutba , universal Laws and natural laws having nothing to do with consitution. Country might have a parliament or congress or body to implement Laws and country might have a written consitution or like UK no written consituion. An accountibility of corruption network is vital for ending terrorism with a view to establish global peace.

Contribution :

Ending Terrorism:

Human Rights:

Manager Asia : WGJG


Global Solution of Problems :

On 14 March 2012 02:09, <> wrote:


    Travis <> Mar 13 03:27PM -0500  

    *-------Original Message-------*****
    :, <Undisclosed-Recipient:,>****
    *Subject:* Fw: The Solar thing just got a little more
    Crony Socialism: Obama Gives $737 Million to Solar Firm Linked to the
    Pelosi C<>
    ** **
    *The Solar thing just got a little more interesting.......REALLY **!*****
    . The Tonopah Solar company in Harry Reid's Nevada is getting a $737
    million loan from Obama's DOE .****
    . The project will produce a 110 megawatt power system and employ 45
    permanent workers .****
    . That's costing us just $16 million per job .****
    . One of the investment partners in this endeavor is Pacific Corporate
    Group (PCG).****
    . The PCG executive director is Ron Pelosi who is the brother to Nancy 's
    husband .****
    *Just move along folks.....nuthin goin on here **.*****
    *Google **Tonopah Solar company*****
    ** **
    ** **
    ** **
    ** **


    Travis <> Mar 13 03:26PM -0500  

    ** **
    ** **
    There are actually two messages here. The
    first is very
    interesting, but the second is absolutely astounding - and explains a lot.
    A recent "Investor's Business Daily" article provided very
    interesting statistics from a survey by the United Nations International
    Health Organization.
    Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years
    after diagnosis:
    U.S. 65%
    England 46%
    Canada 42%
    Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received
    treatment within six months:
    U.S. 93%
    England 15%
    Canada 43%
    Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it
    within six months:
    U.S. 90%
    England 15%
    Canada 43%
    Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within
    one month:
    U.S. 77%
    England 40%
    Canada 43%
    Number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) per million
    U.S. 71
    England 14
    Canada 18
    Percentage of seniors (65+), with low income, who say they are
    in "excellent health":
    U.S. 12%
    England 2%
    Canada 6%
    And now for the last statistic:
    National Health Insurance?
    U.S . NO
    England YES
    Canada YES
    Check this last set of statistics!!
    The percentage of each past president's cabinet who had worked
    in the private business sector prior to their appointment to the cabinet.
    You know what the private business sector is a real-life business, not a
    government job. Here are the percentages.
    T. Roosevelt.................... 38%
    Taft.................................. 40%
    Wilson ........................... 52%
    Harding........................... 49%
    Coolidge......................... 48%
    Hoover............................ 42%
    F. Roosevelt................... 50%
    Truman........................... 50%
    Eisenhower................ .... 57%
    Kennedy......................... 30%
    Johnson.......................... 47%
    Nixon.............................. 53%
    Ford................................ 42%
    Carter............................. 32%
    Reagan........................... 56%
    GH Bush......................... 51%
    Clinton .......................... 39%
    GW Bush........................ 55%
    Obama........... .......... 8%
    This helps to explain the incompetence of this administration:
    only 8% of them have ever worked in private business!
    That's right! Only eight percent---the least, by far, of the
    last 19 presidents! And these people are trying to tell our big
    corporations how to run their business?
    How can the president of a major nation and society, the one
    with the most successful economic system in world history, stand and talk
    about business when he's never worked for one? Or about jobs when he has
    never really had one? And when it's the same for 92% of his senior staff
    and closest advisers? They've spent most of their time in academia,
    government and/or non-profit jobs or as "community organizers." They
    should have been in an employment line.
    Pass this on because we'll NEVER see these facts in the main
    stream media.****
    ** **


    Travis <> Mar 13 03:25PM -0500  

    Because truth hurts?**** **** ** ** ** ** March 12, 2012**** Robert
    Spencer: Why Can't Non-Muslims Criticize Islam?****
    [image: Description: Description:
    I am happy to announce a new feature: Robert Spencer's popular column,
    called Jihad Watch like his weblog <> (which is
    also essential daily reading), has run weekly for nearly ten years
    elsewhere and been widely acclaimed. Now it is exclusively here at Atlas.
    Here's the first, "Why Can't Non-Muslims Criticize Islam?":****
    The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has long been embarked upon
    an all-out campaign to compel America and Europe to criminalize criticism
    of Islam, under the guise of criminalizing "defamation of religions."
    Meanwhile, Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups in the United States work
    energetically to demonize and marginalize any and all who speak out
    effectively about the threat of jihad and Islamic supremacism. Given the
    restrictions in Islamic law on non-Muslims saying anything "impermissible"
    about Islam or Muhammad, these campaigns are no surprise; what is
    surprising, however, is the extent to which all too many anti-jihadists
    have capitulated to them and imbibed their premises.****
    Islamic groups have insisted since 9/11 that only a tiny minority of
    extremists who misunderstand the peaceful teachings of Islam are
    responsible for the jihad attacks that occur with numbing frequency around
    the world – as of this writing, there have been 18,560 such attacks since
    that terrible day. Yet despite its daily discomfirmations, the claim that
    Islam is a religion of peace and that only "Islamophobes" think otherwise
    has gained remarkable traction. Evidence that core texts and teachings of
    Islam support and justify violence against and the subjugation of
    unbelievers, as illuminating as this fact is of jihadists' motives and
    goals, has been brushed aside even at the highest levels of our government
    and law enforcement agencies. The ideas that Islam is peace and that the
    vast majority of Muslims oppose any violence committed in its name are
    essential requirements for admittance into the mainstream of public
    Yet one inconvenient fact explodes this iron and unquestionable dogma: in
    all the years since 9/11, no Muslim group of any significant size or
    influence has arisen that opposes not just vaguely defined "terrorism," but
    the jihad undertaken by whatever means in order to advance the rule of
    Islamic law and the subjugation of unbelievers. The conspicuous absence of
    such a group has led both the government and the mainstream media to embark
    upon an avid and ongoing search for "moderate Muslims," which has led to
    numerous embarrassing moments (or moments that would have been embarrassing
    if the mainstream media were ever held to any kind of accountability): the *New
    York Times* fulsomely praised Anwar al-Awlaki as a moderate reformer, and
    Janet Napolitano appointed Mohamed Elibiary, a man who once spoke at a
    conference devoted to praise of the Ayatollah Khomeini, and who has now
    been accused of leaking classified documents to the media, to a Homeland
    Security Advisory Panel.****
    These are far from being isolated incidents. In fact, Islamic supremacist
    pseudo-moderates so frequently fool non-Muslim officials and reporters (who
    are, after all, desperate to believe their soothing falsehoods) that to
    catalogue all such incidents would produce a tome the size of the
    Encylopedia Britannica. But the ranks of the fooled and foolish don't just
    include dhimmi Leftists; many among the anti-jihad Right also demonstrate
    in numerous ways that they have unwittingly accepted some of the Islamic
    supremacists' core claims.****
    Islamic law forbids non-Muslims to criticize Islam, and Islamic
    supremacists routinely accuse Americans who dare to speak out against the
    jihad and Islamic supremacism of "racism." Anti-jihadists deny the label,
    and yet tacitly endorse it when they take pains to feature "anti-Islamist"
    Muslims and even non-Muslim Arabs at rallies and conferences, and to laud
    their work beyond all proportion to its effectiveness in actually bringing
    about change within the Muslim community.****
    And so several years ago, an organization called the Free Muslims Against
    Terrorism held a massively publicized rally against terrorism, and drew no
    more than two dozen Muslims. More recently, last week another massively
    publicized rally of Muslims in support of NYPD anti-terror measures drew
    36. The enthusiasm greeting both of these sparsely attended rallies was out
    of all proportion to their actual significance. The unspoken and unexamined
    assumption behind this eagerness to call attention to "moderate Muslims,"
    despite their obviously non-representative character in the Muslim
    community, shows how deeply the "racism" charge has penetrated the
    anti-jihadist mindset: even opponents of jihad and Islamic supremacism
    apparently believe that their efforts are not fully legitimate unless
    Muslims are joining in them.****
    But why can't non-Muslims criticize Islam on their own, without Muslims or
    Arabs to validate their efforts? The human rights violations embedded
    within Islamic law are obvious to any objective observer. Any individual
    who cares for human rights has the right and, indeed, the responsibility to
    speak out and oppose them. It is good that there are "anti-Islamist"
    Muslims, insofar as they are sincere, but anti-jihadists who exaggerate
    their importance, influence, and Islamic authenticity not only delude
    themselves and mislead others; they also show that they have unconsciously
    adopted the dhimmi status that Islamic supremacists so devoutly hope to
    impose on them – at least in regard to the legitimacy of their own critique
    of Islam and jihad.****
    Non-Muslims standing for human rights against Sharia do not need Muslims to
    stand with them to give their efforts legitimacy. Muslims should be invited
    to join, and exhorted to renounce sincerely the violence, hatred and
    supremacism embedded within Islamic texts and teachings. However, the
    refusal of most to do so should not become the occasion for self-delusion
    about the few who do, or willful blindness about the nature and magnitude
    of the jihad threat.****
    *Robert Spencer is the director of **Jihad Watch*<>
    *, associate director of AFDI/SIOA, and author of the New York Times
    bestsellers **The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the
    * **and **The Truth About
    Posted by Pamela Geller <> on
    Monday, March 12, 2012 at 09:24 AM |
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    | | Digg This<>
    | Save to <> | | ****
    | ****
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    Tommy News <> Mar 13 03:01PM -0500  

    Celebs, Members of Congress Sign Bully Petition
    By Jeremy Kinser
    Pop singer Demi Lovato, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, and
    20 members of Congress have joined Ellen DeGeneres in signing Katy
    Butler's petition to change the rating of the documentary Bully.
    Butler, a Michigan high school student who identifies as lesbian and
    who launched a petition to change the R rating of the
    antibullying documentary to a more accessible PG-13 rating, personally
    delivered 200,000 signatures to the Motion Picture Association of
    America on March 7.
    Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) has issued a bipartisan letter to the MPAA,
    signed by 20 additional members of Congress, supporting Butler's
    "We are writing to express our sincere disappointment in the MPAA's
    decision to issue an R rating for the soon-to-be-released documentary
    Bully," the letter reads. "This important project shows the real life
    anguish of many teenagers in this country who are tormented, harassed,
    and bullied by their peers. This truth should be shared with as wide
    an audience as is appropriate and possible. We believe an R-rating
    excludes the very audience for whom this film is desperately
    Last week DeGeneres encouraged viewers of her daytime talk show to
    sign the petition and introduced Butler from the studio audience.
    Singer-actress Lovato also urged her more than five million Twitter
    followers to sign Butler's petition. You can sign the petition here.
    Sign Here:

    Together, we can change the world, one mind at a time.
    Have a great day,
    Together, we can change the world, one mind at a time.
    Have a great day,


    MJ <> Mar 13 04:00PM -0400  

    The First Amendment Needs a Rape Kit
    by Wendy McElroy, March 13, 2012
    The newest attack of vague language is aimed at your 1st Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly and Freedom to Petition. It is found in the pending legislation of HR 347.… As currently worded, it might as well have been called the "Federal We're Too Important To Be Annoyed By Your Protest Act of 2011." -- Gene Howington
    The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 ( PDF) may sound like a landscaping measure, but it is also being called the Trespass Bill, the Anti-Occupy Bill, and the First Amendment Rights Eradication Act. Under this bill, it is a felony to protest at or in the vicinity of a venue or event that is attended by anyone who has Secret Service protection. HR 347 passed the House on February 27th by a vote of 388–3. The Senate version (S. 1794) passed unanimously. With President Obama's signature, the Act became law on March 8.
    The bill has caused a furor among advocates of civil liberties. Justin Amash, one of the three "no" votes in the House, dubbed the bill the "First Amendment Rights Eradication Act." Calling it "this administration's latest assault on our civil liberties," he explains on his Facebook page that "criminalizing legitimate First Amendment activity -- even if that activity is annoying to those government officials -- violates our rights."
    The left-leaning Daily Kos states, "Protesting will be a felony -- where is the outrage?"
    Meanwhile, the bill is being ignored by the mainstream media as uncontroversial. Supporters of the act dismiss its critics as hysterical or ill-informed. Michael Mahassey, the communications director for Rep. Thomas J. Rooney, who sponsored HR 347, called the backlash, "a whole lot of kerfuffle over nothing. This doesn't affect anyone's right to protest anywhere at any time. Ever."
    Who is correct? And why is there such a deep schism on HR 347?
    A bill by any other name would smell …
    The American Civil Liberties Union warns against HR 347. Nevertheless, the ACLU observes, "It's important to note contrary to some reports that HR 347 doesn't create any new crimes, or directly apply to the Occupy protests. The bill slightly rewrites a short trespass law, originally passed in 1971."
    Section 1752 of title 18 in the United States Code is entitled "Restricted Building or Grounds." This 1971 bill was intended to prevent assassination, kidnapping, or other attempts to harm the political elite, especially the president. The section of title 18 that immediately precedes it, section 1751, is entitled "Presidential and Presidential Staff Assassination, Kidnapping, and Assault; Penalties." Thus, section 1752 restricts people from entering or blocking access to or from public areas that have been cordoned off by the Secret Service for the protection of a person (or for a "special event of national significance," which could range from the Olympics to a political convention). The penalty for violating section 1752 includes a possible one-year jail term; if a "dangerous weapon" is involved, then the jail term rises to a possible ten years.
    In recent years, the 1971 bill has been interpreted beyond its intent in order to crack down on peaceful protesters. Moreover, as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has amply demonstrated, the definition of a "dangerous weapon" has been expanded at the discretion of law enforcement to include such items as nail clippers.
    Thus, the controversy over the current revision, HR 347, revolves around two issues. First, is HR 347 part of a trend toward vagueness in legislative wording, which can be later exploited and expanded by authorities in order to violate civil liberties? Second, how legally "slight" is the change of wording in this revision?
    Consider the first question. Gene Howington, a guest blogger at Jonathan Turley's legal-analysis site, writes,
    it seems to be a trend that vague or overly broad language could be fairly described as being purposefully adopted allowing "wiggle room" for Federal authorities to potentially abuse civil and human rights under the color of authority. This is a dangerous practice.
    Howington refers to a recent example of legislative vagueness the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which gives Obama the power to indefinitely detain citizens without trial if they are accused of terrorism. Some politicians, notably Senator Carl Levin, argued that the NDAA did not allow such arrests and, so, soothed his worried compatriots while dismissing the bill's critics. Nevertheless, even Obama acknowledged his new power after the bill passed, saying, "I want to clarify that my Administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens."
    No wonder legal scholars now scrutinize with a skeptical eye every word that appears in potentially menacing legislation.
    As to the second question, to determine how "slight" the revisions of HR 347 truly are, it is necessary to review them. One change has or could have deep significance. The original text reads,
    (a) It shall be unlawful for any person or group of persons
    (1) willfully and knowingly to enter or remain in any posted, cordoned off, or otherwise restricted area of a building or grounds where the President or other person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting.
    Four additional paragraphs, (2) through (5), begin with the words "willfully" and "knowingly."
    The revised text of paragraph (a)(1) in HR 347 reads,
    (1) knowingly enters or remains in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority to do so.
    The four additional clauses in the original are compressed to three, each of which now begins with the word "knowingly" only.
    Why is deleting the word "willfully" so significant? Because it removes the need for a prosecutor to prove that a protester had the intent to violate the statute, for example, through blocking an egress. All that needs to be proven is that the protester knew he was accessing a restricted area. His intent may have been nothing more than to exercise freedom of speech; blocking the exit may have been inadvertent. But under HR 347, his mens rea -- that is, that aspect of his state of mind -- becomes legally insignificant.
    In Latin, "mens rea" means "guilty mind" or guilty intention. Within Western law, an act has traditionally required a guilty mind for that act to become criminal behavior. That is why defendants who are found to be mentally incompetent are not placed on trial; they are not deemed capable of mens rea. The Latin legal phrase, actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea "the act does not make a person guilty unless the mind is also guilty" is often invoked in such cases.
    Writing in the periodical In These Times, Daniel Hertz encapsulates the impact of removing "willfully" from the statute, "In other words, Congress removed a hurdle in enforcing the law without actually adding any new restrictions to the First Amendment."
    They simply changed the rules of enforcement to remove what is often the most difficult element of the crime to prove: namely, intent. Indeed, since both the original text and HR 347 allow the arrest of someone who is merely in "proximity" to a restricted area, proving intent could be close to impossible. How could you prove that person was walking near a politician's hotel with the intent of causing harm or blocking the egress?
    As Gene Howington observes, "in addition" to lowering the threshold for mens rea***, HR 347 defines
    the term "restricted buildings or grounds" to mean virtually any place in proximity to or place proper [where] a government function or an "event of national interest" is taking place. This would allow for the arrest of protesters just about anywhere. Outside political rallies, near the hotels of visiting foreign dignitaries, outside sporting or other public events like the Super Bowl … you get the idea.
    HR 347 may well make the arrest and conviction of peaceful protesters much easier.
    It is criminally naive to believe that the police and courts will not eventually use the expanded latitude granted by HR 347. The Occupy movement frightened and angered the authorities it yanked control away from. For years, "free speech zones," in which protesters speak from behind barred walls, as though in cages, contained dissenters and kept them far from government officials. They were allowed to protest only where the elite and the mainstream media would not hear them.
    Occupy changed that. And the authorities have struggled to find ways to contain dissent ever since; they never want to lose control again. And, especially in this election season, politicians are eager to avoid a repeat of the public outrage that surrounded the 1968 Democratic convention, when police were filmed brutally beating peaceful demonstrators in the street.
    The elites are losing patience with civil rights. This January, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel pushed through two anti-protest ordinances that were widely termed "sit down and shut up" measures. The online periodical and voice of Occupy, the Dissenter, describes two of several repressive new requirements.
    Ahead of demonstrations, "organizers would be required to provide the City with a list of all signs, banners, sound equipment or 'attention-getting devices' that require more than one person to carry them," creating "a license for the city to 'ding' organizers with absurd fines."
    All downtown protest marches would be required to get $1 million insurance coverage to "indemnify the city against any additional or uncovered third party claims against the city arising out of or caused by the parade." They would have to "agree to reimburse the city for any damage to the public way or city property arising out of or caused by the parade." Clearly, Emanuel is determined that the upcoming NATO/G8 meetings in his city will go smoothly. Emanuel and his ilk would not hesitate to use the free hand provided by HR 347 to prosecute "offenders." And god help them if the protesters are found to be in possession of a pair of nail clippers, small scissors, or any other item that could be construed as a "dangerous weapon." The penalty could then rise to ten years imprisonment for young people still idealistic enough to believe they have free speech, freedom of assembly, and the right to petition officials with their grievances.


    Travis <> Mar 13 02:39PM -0500  

    *Identity Theft**:** **
    Until I read this**, **I did not realize how serious identity theft wa**s **
    *Pass this on to your loved ones and friends**.*
    [image: Description: unknown.jpg]
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    *Blessed are the cracked**,
    **for they let in the light**.*


    plainolamerican <> Mar 13 08:29AM -0700  

    We need to understand that our being in the middle of countries like
    Afghanistan is probably counterproductive.
    it's insanity


    GregfromBoston <> Mar 13 08:23AM -0700  

    NY Times poll pegs Obambi's approval rating at an all time low,


    plainolamerican <> Mar 13 08:21AM -0700  

    Why Can't You Smoke Pot?
    possible answers:
    - because I get too high and paranoid
    - out of money
    - can't find any
    - I get drug tested
    best answer: anybody who wants to can regardless of outdated pot laws


    Travis <> Mar 13 08:47AM -0500  

    I plan on witing in Judge Andrew Napolitano to see if I can stir up some


    Travis <> Mar 13 09:14AM -0500  

    I actually will vote for Newt. Did you know that Santorum plays Pocket
    Pool with 2 Bibles?


    Keith In Tampa <> Mar 13 10:18AM -0400  

    I know Santorum is a little goofy, but as much crap as he gets from
    Moonbats and the mainstream media, I semi-support him.


    Travis <> Mar 13 09:33AM -0500  

    No matter who the GOP nominee is of the three, I will be carrying a barf
    bag to the polls in November just as I have for the past three presidential


    GregfromBoston <> Mar 13 06:57AM -0700  

    Clinton took us into the Balkans without congress OR the UN
    On Sunday, March 11, 2012 4:26:04 PM UTC-4, THE ANNOINTED ONE wrote:
    > power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the
    > Constitution and therefore constitutes an impeachable high crime and
    > misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.
    On Sunday, March 11, 2012 4:26:04 PM UTC-4, THE ANNOINTED ONE wrote:
    > power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the
    > Constitution and therefore constitutes an impeachable high crime and
    > misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.
    On Sunday, March 11, 2012 4:26:04 PM UTC-4, THE ANNOINTED ONE wrote:


    Keith In Tampa <> Mar 13 10:01AM -0400  

    On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 9:57 AM, GregfromBoston <>wrote:
    Clinton took us into the Balkans without congress OR the UN
    All in an attempt to distract media attention from cum stains on an
    intern's dress, and to justify Madge "I Just Found Out I'm A Jew"
    Albright's appointment......


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