Sunday, June 10, 2012

Government Motors


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Canada Bracing for Wisconsin Refugees

The Canadian Coast Guard preparing for what it fears could be a massive invasion of boat people from Wisconsin.

Thunder Bay The Commander of the Royal Canadian Mounted Coast Guard (RCMCG), said that satellite photos had revealed a "substantial flotilla" in the making, as Wisconsinites prepared to flee their repressive state for their neighbor to the North.
"Word has gotten around that we have policemen, firemen, as well as plenty of do-nothing government jobs. You can't blame these boat people for seeking a better life, but we are under orders to intercept them."
In Canada, officials fear that refugees from Wisconsin will brave the treacherous journey across Lake Superior in the hopes of giving birth to so-called "anchor babies" on Canadian soil.
Coast Guard officers offered reporters a look at satellite photos showing the boat people loading their vessels with wheels of premium cheddar cheese, possibly in the hopes of bribing Canadian officials on Superior's northern shore.
"We are telling all of our men that under no circumstances should they accept offerings of cheese," he said. "These boat people are desperate and they will try anything. We have enough lazy over-payed crazy people here, we don't need anymore."
Reports of the looming refugee crisis coincided with the release of a new poll by the University of Wisconsin showing that Gov. Scott Walker is now the most hated man in the state, narrowly edging Brett Favre.

Read more:

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**JP** Daily Quran and Hadith

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“Bath salts” turn people into zombies

New post on Fellowship of the Minds

"Bath salts" turn people into zombies

by Dr. Eowyn

It's the 21st century, but we seem to be in the midst of an epidemic of cannibalism.

It began with the Japanese man who served his cooked genitals to paid diners. Then, it was the naked man who gobbled up the face of a homeless man on a Miami causeway. Next came news of an Iranian professor who cut and ate his wife's lips. Then it was the college student in Maryland who murdered, dismembered, and ate the heart and brain of his roommate.

Rudy Eugene, the Miami cannibal, had seemingly superhuman strength and eventually was shot dead by the first police officer who arrived on the scene. The president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Armando Aguilar believes Eugene was on a new street drug called "bath salts." Emergency room doctors at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital said they  have seen a major increase in cases linked to the new drug. Dr. Paul Adams, of the hospital's Emergency room, said in many of the cases, the person's temperature has risen to an extremely high level and they become very aggressive. Some have used their jaws as a weapon during attacks. The patients were in a state of delirium and "Extremely strong, I took care of a 150 pound individual who you would have thought he was 250 pounds. It took six security officers to restrain the individual."

Since then two further incidents have been linked to "bath salts."

The first occurred on June 2, 2012, when a snarling homeless man, Brandon De Leon, threatened to eat two officers, echoing the Miami attack.

Police were forced to fit 21-year-old De Leon with a Hannibal Lecter-style mask after he was arrested for disturbing the peace in North Miami Beach. When put in a police cruiser De Leon slammed his head against the plexiglass divider and shouted at officers, "I'm going to eat you," NBC Miami reported. He then growled, gnashed his teeth and tried to bite the hand of an officer attempting to treat his head wounds. Miami police said they believe he was on a cocktail of drugs, including "bath salts" called Cloud Nine.

Brandon De Leon (l); Carl Jacquneaux (r)

The second incident also took place on June 2, in Scott, a city in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana. 42-year-old Carl Jacquneaux bit off a chunk of a man's face in a bloody attack. An arrest warrant affidavit charges that Jacquneaux "began biting the victim in the face, removing flesh the size of a quarter below the victim's left eye" and "biting off half his cheek." A friend of the victim said that Jacquneaux had been using bath salts prior to the attack.

If the people on "bath salts" seem more than addicts but demonic to you, you will find it interesting that Freddy Sharp, a former bath-salts addict, describes the drug's effect as "evil."

As recounted by CNN's Ashley Hayes, June 4, 2012, Sharp had to be strapped by paramedics onto a gurney and restrained, yet he's singing, making faces and twitching. He told CNN's Don Lemon that he was hallucinating about being in a mental hospital and being possessed by Jason Voorhees, the character from the "Friday the 13th" movies:

"I'd never experienced anything like that. You feel like you're 10 feet tall and bulletproof, and you actually do not feel any pain. It really actually scared me pretty bad. I just felt all kinds of crazy. It felt so evil. It felt like the darkest, evilest thing imaginable."

Sharp said he never felt the urge to "eat anybody's flesh" while under the influence of bath salts. But he said his overdose was a turning point and described the experience as "Fear. Darkness. It felt like impending doom was coming down on me ... I felt like I was about to bust loose and actually hurt somebody. I felt like if I lost that control, anything could happen."

He said the experience was the worst of his life: "it will destroy your life. It will destroy your family. It will destroy everything." And coming off the drug was also difficult, quite aside from the withdrawal. He said "whenever it comes out of you, you can smell it in your hair--unclean, nasty, unkempt, chemically-type smell. It's so nasty."

See Sharp for yourself in this CNN video. He looked like he needed an exorcist!

So what are "bath salts"?

To begin, they are not the same substance used to scent your bathwater. Those bath salts are Epsom salts. The evil "bath salts" contain amphetamine-like chemicals such as methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) and are sold as "cocaine substitutes" or "synthetic LSD." Its effects include paranoia, hallucinations, convulsions and psychotic episodes.

I compiled the following from an article by Matt McMillen for WebMD. The article is in the form of an interview McMillen conducted with Zane Horowitz, MD, an emergency room physician and medical director of the Oregon Poison Center.

What are "bath salts"?: "Bath salts" are a synthetic or "designer" drug made from three chemicals -- the synthetic stimulants mephedrone, MDPV, and methylone. Newer pyrovalerone derivatives are being made by illegal street chemists. Nobody really knows what goes into the making of "bath salts" because there is no way to test for these substances. People are making this drug out of household products, stuff that's in their kitchens.

Why are they called bath salts?: By marketing the synthetic drug as bath salts and labeling them "not for human consumption," the makers have been able to avoid them being identified as illegal.

Street names for "bath salts": Some examples are Ivory Wave, Purple Wave, Vanilla Sky, Bliss. I found these (see below) by doing a Google search. Many of them are for sale online.

How are "bath salts" taken?: The people who take them are very creative. They snort it, shoot it, mix it with food and drink.

What do you experience when you take "bath salts"?: It's a very scary stimulant that induces high blood pressure, increased pulse, agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, psychosis, chest pain, and suicidality that persists even after the stimulatory effects of the drugs have worn off. "Bath salts" have sparked thousands of calls to poison centers across the U.S. over the last year. But right now, there's no test to pick up this drug. The only way we know if someone has taken them is if they tell you they have.

Are "bath salts" addictive?: We don't know, because we have not had enough long-term experience with it. Acute toxicity is the main problem. But many stimulants do cause a craving.

Are "bath salts" illegal?: No. They are sold in mini-marts and smoke shops as Ivory Wave, Bolivian Bath, and other names. The people who make "bath salts" have skirted the laws that make these types of things illegal. While several states have banned their sale, ultimately it will have to be a federal law that labels these as a schedule 1 drug, which means it has no medicinal value but a high potential for abuse, and declare them illegal.

What is the federal government doing or not doing about it?: In October 2011, citing an "imminent threat to public safety," the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made illegal the possession and sale of the three chemicals commonly used to make bath salts. The ban is effective for at least a year, during which time, the agency will decide whether a permanent ban is warranted. It's most likely that the DEA will make permanent the illegal possession and sale of the chemicals that are used to make "bath salts". But cocaine, heroin, and marijuana are also illegal, and they are all still out there.

Why "bath salts" are an especially terrible drug: The drug combines into one the effects of methamphetamine (paranoia and aggressiveness), LSD (hallucinations), and PCP (extreme paranoia), resulting in unpredictable effects on human behavior [such as cannibalism!] It can take five or six grown men to restrain a bath salts user. It's PCP on crack. Last year in Panama City, Florida, police saw two violent incidents linked to use of bath salts. In one, a woman allegedly tried to behead her 71-year-old mother; in the second, a man on bath salts used his teeth to tear up the back seat of a patrol car.

And cases are on the rise.


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You Can’t Really Prove Obama’s a Commie? … Try KeyWiki

New post on

You Can't Really Prove Obama's a Commie? … Try KeyWiki

by Sard

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Is Barack Obama a communist? You know it in your gut… but you just can't prove it?

Our sister site KeyWiki is an online encyclopedia of the US left. More than 60,000 profiles of radical/progressive/socialist/communist individuals and organizations.

Our most popular page is that of Barack Obama. It just ticked over 100,000 hits today.

Click on it today, for all the proof you will ever need of Barack Obama's Marxist sympathies.

If you want to know about Barack Obama and the Communist Party go here.

If you want to know about Barack Obama and Democratic Socialists of America go here.

If you want to know about Barack Obama and the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism go here.

If you want to know about Barack Obama and the New Party/Progressive Chicago go here.

If you want to know about Barack Obama and ACORN/Project Vote/Demos go here.

Send them to to your friends, colleagues and liberal relatives.

While you're at it, you might want to check out another of our more popular pages – George Soros.

Or maybe former Obama "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones (who this writer first exposed), or Obama mentor Frank Marshall Davis (who this writer also exposed). Or Obama's communist doctor Quentin Young – the man who gave Obama the idea for Obamacare.

Or maybe some of your favorite commie Congressmen like Nancy Pelosi, Rosa DeLauro, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, Dennis Kucinich or Raul Grijalva.

Hours of fun to be had.

America's best resource on socialism and communism.

Volunteer contributors most welcome. Assistance is needed to expand the project. Email me if you'd like to help.

Financial sponsors are also very welcome. This project costs money. Assistance is needed to expand the project. Email me if you'd like to help.

Also don't forget my book Barack Obama and the Enemies Within. The very best book out there on Barack Obama's communist and socialist ties.

Buy it online here.

Trevor Loudon

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Blonde Joke..Just Kidding, Let’s do Redneck’s Today.

New post on Fellowship of the Minds

Blonde Joke..Just Kidding, Let's do Redneck's Today.

by Steve

My Uncles. Billy Bob, Willy Bob, and umm Mary. DADT..

My Uncles. Billy Bob, Willy Bob, and umm Mary. DADT..

Three rednecks were working up on a cell phone tower: Cooter, Ronnie and Donnie.
As they start their descent, Cooter slips, falls off the tower and is killed instantly.
As the ambulance takes the body away, Ronnie says, 'Well, shucks, someone should go and tell his wife.

Donnie says, 'OK, I'm pretty good at that sensitive stuff, I'll do it.'
Two hours later, he comes back carrying a case of Budweiser.
Ronnie says, 'Where did you get that beer, Donnie?'
'Cooter's wife gave it to me,' Ronnie replies.
'That's unbelievable, you told the lady her husband was dead and she gave you beer?'
'Well, not exactly', Donnie says. 'When she answered the door, I said to her, "you must be Cooter's widow."
She said, 'You must be mistaken. I'm not a widow.'
Then I said, 'I'll bet you a case of Budweiser you are.'
Rednecks are good at sensitive stuff.

~Steve~                                 H/T   Hardnox

Steve | June 10, 2012 at 4:04 am | Tags: Beer, Budweiser, Country Music Television, Drink, food, Mississippi, Recreation, Redneck | Categories: Humor | URL:

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Report from Netroots Nation: What would a new economic system look like?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: J


I am sending this as it may interest may 9f you, I hope it does and enjoy
reading. Jan is a very good writer.

From: Jane Stillwater []

1600/121_2520.JPG> I finally arrived in Providence, Rhode Island, late
last night -- after being forced to switch planes in Chicago after spilling
my salmon salad to the point where the entire cabin smelled like dead fish.
Ah, the power of change.

The first workshop that I attended this morning had to do with trying
to design a new economic system that works for all of us, not just for fat
cats and oligarchs at the top.

"An economy based solely on growth doesn't works," stated one panel
member. "What's another word for out-of-control growth? 'Cancer'. In
Bhutan, the economy is based on happiness instead." We should try that,
seeing that America currently rates only number 44 on a world-wide happiness

What I hate most about America's economy now is that it is based on our
love affair with obscene-profits-at-any-cost. That's no way to run a country
-- or a world! My suggestion? Let's duplicate nationally on a legal
precedence set in California a few years ago, citing that medical marijuana
clinics are forbidden to make any profits. And as a result, all the
clinics' profits are plowed back into the business.

This new business paradigm is immeasurably better than our current
Vulture Capitalism system, where American businesses and companies are not
nourished at all -- but only stripped of their infrastructure, assets and
ability to either compete with the rest of the world or to serve their

If you visualize America itself as an industry, for many years now it
has been stripped of both its capital and its infrastructure. Just compare
the economic semi-ruin that America is now with the thriving industrial
giant that it used to be. Vulture Capitalism has sucked the life out of our
country. Vulture Capitalism sucks eggs.

At the Harborside medical cannabis clinic in Oakland, all profits are
returned back into the business -- creating more jobs, more services and
more equity for itself and its customers. In comparison, when has America's
war industry, stock market casino, oil barons or banking cartel ever given
anything back?

1600/121_2519.JPG> Next on the menu at Netroots Nation was the showing
of a documentary film on rape in the military. Currently, there is a really
good chance that if a woman joins the military, she will be raped. And that
no one will ever do anything about it. Thousands of female soldiers are
being raped every year by their own freaking co-workers. And the
good-ole-boys' network now in place on most military bases simply laughs it
all off. That's just sad.

Perhaps the Republicans' current War on Women is based on the original
War on Women in the Military model? It appears that it is.

Tonight at Netroots Nation, we are going to hear Eric Schneiderman,
Bill McKibben and Tammy Baldwin speak. Then I'm gonna take the # 8 bus to a
place far, far away, to my little Motel 6 room out in Warwick, where I will
dream of a better America and better days than we have now -- a better world
where the War on the working class and women will be replaced by a War on
cruelty, inefficiency and greed.

PS: You can actually watch Netroots Nation too, being streamed live here:

Advertizements for myself: In these hard times of brutal (and illegal)
corporatist economics, I am doing whatever I can to make a spare dollar.
Here are some of my current alternate-economy schemes that never seem to
work -- but I keep hoping!


Am trying to go to Uganda in July on a Global Exchange fact-finding tour so
I can report back on child soldiers and human trafficking there. Wanna help
me pay for my plane ticket? Then donate through WePay at


1600/Joe%2BA.jpg> Need an actor to play an older woman in your movie? Then
I'm your man! I can portray all kinds of older women -- from judges,
business execs and other insane zombies to bag ladies, cancer patients,
kindly grandmothers and dying patients in rest homes. I've played them all.
So send me a script and let's do this. Hollywood, here we come!

Are you a plaintiffs' attorney who is tired of writing those pesky personal
injury settlement briefs all the time? No problem! I can write them for
you. Years of experience. And pay me only if you win the case.


1600/IMG_1954.JPG> Need a Notary Public? Have seal, will travel. E-mail
me at
<> and I'll
stamp your document, make it official and only charge $10. Of course if you
live outside of Berkeley, I may have to charge travel expenses -- but am
well worth it!


Want something good to read? Buy my book! "Bring Your Own Flak Jacket:
Helpful Tips for Touring Today's Middle East," available at Amazon and
Barnes & Noble.
v_itm_title_1. It's like as if Jack Kerouac, Mark Twain and/or Janet
Evanovich went to war.

I also wrote a book about going on Hajj (also included as a chapter in
"Bring Your Own Flak Jacket," but this book is cheaper -- but it's worth
buying them both!) My book on the Hajj is so outstanding that I bet even
Christian fundamentalists will love it! Please buy it here:


Please sign my petition to create a Constitutional amendment to stop
corporate lobbyists from buying our country: epetitionsite
.com/2/consti tutional-ame ndment-to-st op-lobbyists


"Imagine a world where EVERY child is wanted, nurtured, protected and loved:
World peace in one generation!" You can now buy T-shirts, coffee mugs, tote
bags, truckers' caps, baby gear and/or teddy bears with this logo printed on
them. They make great gifts, especially for parents and teachers. To
purchase, just click here:

"Life is a competition. The winners are the ones who do the most good
deeds." You can also buy T-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, truckers' caps,
baby gear and/or teddy bears with this logo printed on them. They make great
gifts, especially for those of us who are still idealists in these troubled
times. To purchase, just click here:

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Rand Paul

June 9th, 2012 by Arvin Vohra

Ron Paul has more courage and integrity than any other per son I know of . He argued against the War on Drugs when it was at its height of pop u lar ity. He chal lenged the Fed long before it became pop u lar to do so; in fact, he almost sin gle hand edly made it pop u lar to do so. He has fought against social secu rity, the pre scrip tion drug sub sidy, corn sub si dies, and count less other pop u lar sta tist boondoggles.

But, although he aggres sively attacked Rick Perry and Newt Gin grich, he never really attacked uber-statist Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul under stood how prob lem atic the Fed was back when most of us thought it was essen tial for eco nomic sta bil ity. I doubt he sim ply didn't notice the sim i lar i ties between Rom n ey care and Oba macare, or Romney's Key ne sian tax-and-spend poli­cies. Nor do I think that Ron Paul, who is about to retire any way, would have been par tic u larly afraid of any backlash.

I can't pre sume to know Ron Paul's moti va tion. But I do know that there are cer tain pres sures that a man of integrity won't ignore. He won't ignore pres sures on his moral ity, his friends, or his family.

For months, the Repub li can estab lish ment has been openly threat en ing his son, Rand Paul. In Jan u ary, nation ally syn di cated con ser v a tive talk show host Mark Levin said, "If Ron Paul decides that he is going to go third-party…I will do every thing in my power to defeat his son in Ken tucky. I will do every thing in my power to defeat his son Rand Paul in Kentucky."

If that's what the Repub li can estab lish ment said on national radio, what were they say ing behind closed doors?

I have no doubt that Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Rom ney after a dis cus sion with his father, with his father's encour age ment, and with great reluc tance. His choice was to swal low a dis gust ing pill and live to fight another day, or end his polit i cal career in the Repub li can Party.

Ever since I got involved in pol i tics, I have got ten repeated requests to run as a Repub li can, and a few to run as a Demo c rat.. I have turned those offers down because I know that there is no future in it for me. I'm unwill ing to attack gay mar riage, to sup port cor po rate sub si dies, or to pre tend that abor tion is the most impor tant issue in Amer i can pol i tics. (In order to be suc cess ful, Rand Paul has been forced to talk about abor tion con stantly, and pro pose var i ous "Life Begins at Con cep tion" bills.) And I'm cer tainly unwill ing to back big-government sta tists like Mitt Romney.

That's why we need a strong Lib er tar ian Party. The notion of "work ing within" the Repub li can Party is ludi crous. If the Repub li can estab lish ment can pres sure Ron Paul into for go ing attacks on a super-statist like Mitt Rom ney, then what could they do to the rest of us?

Ron Paul ran as a Lib er tar ian can di date for pres i dent in 1988. And if our party were bet ter funded and had more clout, he prob a bly would have joined us for future cam­paigns, includ ing his many suc cess ful con gres sional cam paigns. We need to make the Lib er tar ian Party stronger, so that Amer i can states men will never need to choose between their prin ci ples and get ting elected.

For that, we all have to work together. You can join the LP at Make sure to also join the LP face book page at

And join your state party (there is a list here: We have great can di dates this year, includ ing Gary John son. Now let's work together to get them elected.

Arvin Vohra cur rently serves as Rep re sen ta tive At-Large on the Lib er tar ian National Com mit tee, and on the Exec u tive Board of the Mary land Lib er tar ian Party. He is the inter na tion ally pub lished author of two books, includ ing Lies, Damned Lies, and Col­lege Admissions.

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On Saturday, June 9, 2012, Dan <> wrote:
> From my readings, what happened is the Romero films play in Europe and, as they were successful, were quickly imitated by local talents. (IIRC, "Zombi 2" was called "Zombi 2" and not just "Zombi" because Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" was labeled "Zombi" in Italy, but one gets the feeling they wanted to bring in fans of the Romero film to see this one.) I don't think you had to go to special theaters or anything like that, but these were probably films that were churned out, like many Westerns, shown for a few weeks in many theaters, the repackaged for TV or someplace else. Some of this, no doubt, was background noise -- merely a movie you might go to because it was playing, you were stoned, and you wanted to do some heavy petting in the theater. :)
> I was unaware of the MTV connection. That might've been how I was first exposed to the film, but I think I saw it on VHS when I was fairly young -- probably something I wasn't supposed to watch and did anyway. I do remember being scared by it. :)
> I hadn't thought of the gaming connection. That sounds like an intriguing line of research.
> Regards,
> Dan
> ________________________________
> From: Dan Clore <>
> To:
> Sent: Saturday, June 9, 2012 5:31 PM
> Subject: Re: [LeftLibertarian2] Zombies
> On 6/8/2012 5:58 AM, Dan wrote:
>> Films by Fulci (Italy), Lenzi (Italy), Jean Rollin (France), and de
>> Ossorio (Spain) come to mind. (Though, to be sure, the de Ossorio's
>> "Tombs of the Blind Dead" seems mostly unlike a zombie film until the
>> very end, IIRC.) The thing about these films, unlike the more recent
>> craze is they didn't seem to be as popular back then as recent
>> zombie films are now. (I'm going mostly on reading and hearsay here,
>> but for any of you who were cognizant in the 1970s and 1980s: Do you
>> think I'm wrong here?)
> Well, I checked the old RE/Search volume on Incredibly Strange Films,
> which has a very nice article on Romero, but it doesn't cover these
> foreign films. I don't think anyone but horror afficianados, more
> specifically gore movie afficianados, would even be aware of them.
> Return of the Living Dead, on the other hand, I remember being heavily
> advertised on TV when it came out. Also around that time, MTV would show
> Night of the Living Dead each Halloween, which meant a lot of exposure
> back then.
> But I think you're right that it's not until after that time that the
> genre took off, becoming a mainstream cliche. By now there have been
> quite a few of these zombie movies from major studios, with big releases
> and heavy advertising.
> I wonder if games like Dungeons and Dragons didn't play a role in the
> changing conception of zombies. The zombies in the game are close to the
> voodoo zombies of old horror movies, who follow their master's orders
> and can be turned by clerics, but in your typical hack-'n'-slash dungeon
> crawl, where monsters tend to turn up at random and seem to do nothing
> but sit in their rooms waiting for adventurers to bust the door down,
> the master tends to be absent and they're basically just slow, animated
> corpses you have to kill or be killed. (That's especially true of
> computer games where monsters turn up at random and role-playing is
> pretty much absent.)
> --
> Dan Clore
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